Adaptogen Boosted Breakfast

Every delicious flavor by Adapto Foods™ starts with simple organic ingredients. Then, we boost each food with natural adaptogenic mushrooms, that are uniquely blended to support a specific enhanced state of being.

Our founders come from the culinary and medical worlds and share a love for both the breakfast table and white paper science. We’re making a promise from the start to offer foods with function - great taste with research verified supplemental benefits.

That means real, natural ingredients you might already have in your pantry - organic oats, whole flax, real fruit, smartly sweetened.

It means measurable, appropriate dosages of rigorously researched adaptogens which can offer the greatest everyday support.

Your food can do more for you. Start today with adaptogen superfoods by Adapto Foods™.

(image of bowl of oatmeal) Adaptogen Boosted Superfoods with Adaptogenic Mushrooms