Adapto Foods™ FAQ

Would you like to learn more about our adaptogen-boosted superfoods? Here are the most commonly asked questions from our customers.

What are adaptogens anyway?

An adaptogen is a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. Functional mushrooms and botanicals have been used for thousands of years to support our bodies in a variety of ways and can be used for specific “functions.” Research suggests that we can use them to help us with areas like focus, energy, stress relief, sleep, and immune support.

Does your product taste like mushrooms?

In short, no. Adapto products taste like delicious oatmeal and amazing café pancakes. We can do this because our products use only full-spectrum, USDA organic mushrooms whose purity means that only a small, medically appropriate dosage is required. If you’re looking for morning duxelles, they’re 86’d – restaurant speak for not available.

But if you’re really and truly not to be denied your mushrooms a la grecque, our pro tip is to use Maitake (Hen-of-the-Wood) mushrooms. Those are some tasty eating mushrooms.

I ate a cup and didn't feel immediate effects. Why?

Adaptogens are not drugs and don’t impart a drug-like (pharmacological) effect. Rather, the best results are achieved over time as the natural supportive properties of our adaptogens help your body do its best work. While that might sound like a pretty spaceship-crunchy answer, we promise that there is a thick meat of data on-the-bone here. For those that prefer to trust-but-verify, please check out our research page where we’ve compiled the best science done on this topic.

If I'm not satisfied, can I get my money back?

Yes. 100%. No questions asked. Anytime. We stand by our products, their taste, and their benefits. If Adapto products aren’t for you, for any reason, let us know and we’ll make it right. We’ll reimburse you and work to fix the problem.

How do I get a hold of your customer support?

We are here to help. Here is how you reach us:

  • EMAIL: You can email us anytime to receive customer support: We do our best to respond within 24-48 hours.
  • CALL/TEXT: US/Canada - You can call us or text us at (720) 314-8854. For calls, please be aware that this is our Founder and CEO Jared’s direct line, so you’ll be talking to a person who cares, is knowledgeable and wants to help.
  • FACEBOOK: Leave a message to us on Facebook here
  • INSTAGRAM: Shoot us a DM here
  • WHOLESALE: For US and international wholesale inquiries, please email or call.
How many mushrooms or botanicals can I take in a day? Can I have a double maple cup?

Whenever making changes to your supplementation protocol, and especially if you’re someone with specific health-related needs or concerns, we encourage you to work with a qualified healthcare professional.

If you’re new to our products or functional mushrooms and adaptogens in general, it’s better to start with one serving per day. After a few days, you can start building your routine with up to 3-4 servings per day. The functional mushrooms and adaptogens we use are safe to take long-term, but the amount needed daily is different for everyone. Feel free to pair products together to increase flavor or benefits. Mix and match mode enabled. But hey, always listen to your body and remember that functional foods are one part of a balanced wellness routine. Don’t forget to be excellent to yourself and each other; go slow, listen, and support your foundation with healthy eating, exercise, and sleep.

Do you offer samples?

While we're not able to send specific samples directly, we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all products! Check out our return policy and trust that we’ve got you covered.

Can I take these products while pregnant or nursing?

We recommend that you consult your healthcare professional before consuming any Adapto products if you are pregnant or nursing. During pregnancy/nursing it is important to use caution and listen to your body when consuming strong natural herbs and mushrooms. Unfortunately, we cannot give any specific recommendations about which products to take.

Where can I find the ingredients and nutritional breakdown for each of your products?

We list all our ingredients and detailed product information on each product page. The nutritional labels can always be found in the images section that go along with each product. The ingredient breakdown can be found along with the other product information.

When is the best time to consume your products?

The effects of adaptogens are cumulative and supportive rather than pharmacological i.e. quick effect. But we do believe that the best time of day for Adapto is in the morning when our bodies benefit the most from the support to set a positive direction for the rest of the day. With that said, everybody is different so what works for some people may not work for you. The best way to find out what works best in your body is to try!

Where do you source your mushrooms and botanical adaptogens?

We bet you’ve never heard this question fully answered from any other brand! Part of how Adapto is different is the transparency we offer into our research and includes into our adaptogens.

Our Mushrooms - We are proud to source all our mushrooms from Aloha Medicinals. Based in the US they are the best supplier we found for the highest quality, certified organic, USA-grown, full-spectrum medicinal mushrooms. Unlike any other supplier we vetted, Aloha offers us specific batch data for each lot of mushrooms we purchase which includes:

  • Lot Specific Test Standards
  • Polysaccharides
  • Beta-glucans
  • Alpha-glucans
  • Strain specific compounds
  • Micros
  • Yeast & mold count
  • Heavy metals

Our Botanical Adaptogens – These are sourced from American Botanicals, a leading supplier to supplement and pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic companies, and food manufacturers. American Botanicals is organic and kosher certified and a member of the American Botanical Council, Herb Research Foundation, American Herbal Product Association, OneCert, ASTA, and Ko Kosher.

  • Maca - Peru
  • Ashwagandha - India
  • St Johns - Chile
  • Gingko - China

We challenge you to go find this type of information from any other brand. You won’t find it, and if you do, please let us know so we can celebrate them!

Do these products contain psilocybin / will they make me hallucinate?

No, they will not. The mushrooms we use are not drugs and are 100% legal. None of the mushrooms we use contain any form or trace of psilocybin. That is the chemical in “magic” mushrooms which causes hallucinations. So, if this is the effect you’re looking for we’re sorry to disappoint.

What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of our oats and pancake mixes are between 1-3 years depending on the product. The individual oat cups and packets do last longer than the pancakes due to the fact we use whole white wheat flour for the superb taste and texture it imparts to our hotcakes! All our products will have a specific expiration date on the packaging for your reference as well.

Are functional mushrooms legal?

Absolutely, positively yes. Functional mushrooms and botanicals have been used for over 5000 years and none of the adaptogens we use are on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) disallowed list and they are legal all around the world. None of the mushrooms we use are psychoactive.

Where can I learn more about mushrooms?

Here! We hired an expert research team to compile a meta-analysis of relevant research into the effectiveness of adaptogens. That analysis is in our “Research” section. But, should you wish to dive even deeper, we can point you to the US Veteran's Administration which has posted a paper that lists several of Adapto's ingredients as having adaptogenic properties (Adaptogens).

Are there molds/toxins in the mushroom?

All of our ingredients and final batches are tested in 3rd party labs for heavy metals, microbial quality, aflatoxins, mycotoxins, mold and yeast, to ensure we are providing only the highest quality ingredients.